Day Care Center

Day Care Center

Day care centers are a Perfect Solution for working parents. The need for child care programs, after school hours or when the child is not attending the School session- is increasing. Daycare facility we provide has excellent supervision of your child creating a home away from home. Today’s kids have an amazing reservoir of talent. They need to be given an outlet to exhibit and polish their creativity. With this end in view, Kids Activity Club, an after school program has been designed to promote and explore their hidden talents.

Courses Information

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Start Date Jan 15, 2018
Years Old 1+ Years
Class Size 10 Kids
Course Staff 2 Teachers
Class Time 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM


At ROSEMINE preschool we believe in quality service to kids, making them feel at home and eat healthy food, while getting enough time to engage with friends and get adequate rest. We also ensure your child receives school readiness in basics of writing, reading and learning. Our facilities help in stimulating the kids’ physical and intellectual abilities.

At preschool day care, we have separate dining, area, play area, study area, sleeping area comprising of colourful bunk beds, air condition system, generator back up, regular meals through the stay, and access to books, toys, and a wide range of puzzles. The premise is also equipped with recreational room for yoga, dance, music, fun oriented activities, indoor games and much more. The surroundings are secured with CCTV cameras, whose access is given to day-care parents.


Our child day care is flexible and you can choose from variety of time slots. Some of the extra-curricular activities we provide are karate, zumba, crafts, music, drama, arts, homework cafe, language and numeracy programs and others. We run specialized day care by meeting needs of parents so that they can be stress free about their kids, as we give the children only the best resources and supportive environment.


  •  Separate Dining Area
  •  Separate Study Area
  •  Separate sleeping area with colorful bunk beds for kids
  •  Fully Air-Conditioned
  •  Meal provided in day-care center
  •  Access to wide range of Puzzles, Books & Toys


  •  Recreational Room for Dance, Music, Yoga, Indoor games, Fun orientated Activities & Lots more
  •  CCTV cameras access to Day-care parents