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Welcome To Rosemine
Best Education in Our Kindergarten

ROSEMINE began its journey in June 2007. From the time of its inception, ROSEMINE has traversed many boundaries to develop its own expertise in preschool education.

Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating environment where a restless child is molded into an all rounder, who can use his five senses effectively by enjoying and acquiring new knowledge. ROSEMINE lays a solid foundation for their future. The grooming starts from day one and over the days, witness how your child moves from dependence to independence from shaking coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication. At ROSEMINE the curriculum and activities is designed where your child can grow & learn in a holistic environment.

Our Features

Summer Camp

Let your children explore the sunshine, kids’ games, warm love & meal during camp sessions. Safe and joyful !

Exciting Competitions

The spirit of healthy competition discovered via contests, sports, inspiring & exciting activities under one roof.

Yoga & Aerobics

Yoga & Aerobics Become flexible beings, happy and healthy today. Students are taught relaxing yoga and aerobics that keep them fit mentally and physically.

Fun Games

Give a creative push to child’s man at ROSEMINE. Your youngling will be part of action-packed and learning games for overall development.

Fun Fair

We organize timely funfair where students can interact freely with peers, teachers, parents and mind-blowing entertainment.

Best out of Waste

Use up the resources in most productive way! We teach students of how to recycle waste in a non-hazardous manner.

Our Programs

Why Choose Us ?

Our programs are designed to help children acquire social skills and became future ready citizens. Our curriculum is designed by keeping sharp focus on various developmental areas like socio-emotional, creative, language, physical, cognitive, intellectual, moral and aesthetic development. You can check our programs Preschool, Kindergarten and Day Care at Rosemine. At Rosemine, we try to provide the environment which helps a child to effectively learn & makes learning a matter of sheer joy. We provide personalized treatment as every child is different in their own way.

Happy Parent's Say

Since joining Rangoli International School my son has develop in so many ways. The staff and the principal are dedicated, ready to listen & help when asked.